L-4 Dialogues

I have sent out the customary e-mails to the appropriate peoples, and yet I find that most people are still sending me e-mails to my yahoo account, and not my gmail account. While this behavior is not surprising, as I myself ignore address change requests from friends and family with such regularity that it could only be considered deliberate, or even eager, I nevertheless must implore any who read this journal, yet still send me email to yahoo, to mend their ways. You see, due to the combined effects of mountains of spam daily, and yahoo’s own spam filter which has the uncanny ability to wander off or be on lunch break or call in ill whenever it’s actually needed to filter spam, I rarely bother to check my yahoo mail anymore. I’d say about once a week I go through the rubbish, and even then, it’s not unusual to overlook an email for weeks, if not months. This tidbit on juggling, from T.C., is an excellent example of something that I might have been laughing at for literally months longer than I have been, had T.C. only chosen to send it to vendorx over at gmail, instead of mrkurtzhedead down at yahoo.

It’s entirely appropriate that T.C. would send me this. He and I were clowns of the literal and classic variety together back in high school, and more specifically we both just love such light hearted displays of skill, especially when they be exceptional skill in otherwise trivial arts. Only my old Subiaco readers could hope to reference this, but the guy, in his choice of song and behavior, completely reminds me of ol’ Bro. James, who had an uncanny knack for mixing eighties music, light slapstick and biblical themes. I remember playing a sort of ‘Keystone Kops’ version of Pontius Pilate as one of my finest stage moments.

Sharing media is a wonderful way to explore the finer points of the bonds of friendship between two peoples. What people send you, and what you send them, helps define and refine the particulars that are your friendships and relationships, the compromises of self that practically fashion new entities hovering between bodies, the L-4’s of intimacy which are most of the fun of having a friend in the first place. Thinking on this, I got to looking through some of the other things friends have lobbed my way.

My sister Paula, librarian, amateur bookbinder, sends me this piece on properly using your new book, though she is not prone to sending idle links. Once again, the particular idea, shared between us, seems obvious.

Finn links me this video by Imagethief, which is his cousin, Will, who I think Finn and I both have always held up as a good example of someone who ‘got it right’ as far as how to sink your canines deep into life. “Will I get yelled at if I climb to the top of this?” “By WHOM?” I laughed and laughed.

Phillip and Kara, long my staunch allies in the exploration of the basely absurd, were kind enough to introduce (and explain) Crazy Frog to me, and Duley and Idiz learned me some Jonathon Coulton, who sings about zombies, although I found this nice live video on my own so they both might want to watch it coz it’s fun.

Actually, I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this but mostly what I’ve done is realize that I pretty much never share my favorite media with friends, except through this website, which is terribly impersonal in light of the context. Now I feel bad. I really need to write specific people more often.

To make this even more dickish, I can only say that for all of you lacking the bandwidth to watch the youtube videos, that’s what you get for living in rural Arkansas. My parents, by the way, have recently been making up for their inability to share net videos by sending me old copies of The Nation. I am extremely happy to say that I have actually solved about a quarter of one of the crosswords. If you’ve never done a Nation Crossword, they’re kinda not easy at all and don’t even make sense until you’ve studied like five of them for hours on end. They’re kind of like one of those unrecognizable Rubix ‘shapes’ for the people who found the cube too unchallenging, only not colorful or in any way fun, and you can’t just take them apart and reassemble them so that it looks like you solved it yourself.

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