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Patrick D. Ashmore

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of world wide mess! No matter the reason that led you here, I hope your visit is at least interesting.

First off, I suppose I should tell you a little bit about me. I currently live in Fremont, California, where I have lived since January of 2000. I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, but grew up in a pretty little lakeside community called Heber Springs. I also spent about 3 years down in Auburn, Alabama in the late 90's. I drive a really happy little red 1973 Volkswagen Beetle... and I have been for nearly 9 years. Wanna see her? This picture was taken in Auburn in '98. This one was taken more recently here in Fremont... last year.

I'm definitely what you would call a geek. I've been into Linux since it's first baby steps in 1993, and I've loved every bit of it. I've been extremely interested and involved with Internet technology ever since I was introduced to it in college back in 1992. I try to give as much as I can to the open source and free software community, even writing the occasional utility. Other things I'm into would include Star Trek, medieval fantasy, Japanese anime, role playing, and many other things that you would expect a geek to find amusing.

So, there you have it... the very brief intro to my life. If you still have a pulse, you might find some of the following useful, entertaining, informative, repulsive, or whatever... so on with the show!

Items of interest...

lphdisk - A utility I created for Linux that formats special hibernation partitions for many different kinds of laptops using Phoenix NoteBIOS. Most recent release is version 0.9.1 released on 12 February 2002

My Resume - Here is my resume, if you are so inclined.

Electronic Frontier Foundation - Protecting people's rights in the digital world. I am a contributing member of the EFF.

GPG/PGP Fingerprint: 1024D/F23F5A64 7625 9C7B C8BC 9CEA 235F 7B0C CB52 8483 F23F 5A64
(Key available from wwwkeys.us.pgp.net)

Can't forget my geek code:
Version: 3.1
GIT/CS/E/O d-(--) s: a- C++++$ UL++++$ P+>++ L++++$ !E W+++(++) N+ o K- w---
O M-@ V-- PS+(+++) PE Y++ PGP+ t++(+++)* 5 X R+ tv-- b++(+++) DI++++ D++ G+ e
h++ r- y+

Patrick D. Ashmore
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